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New wellness area at the Family Hotel Biancaneve

Soothing warmth and pleasant tranquillity for body and soul.

Our wellness area changes and takes shape.
A world of vapours and aromas, enclosed in natural materials.
Time stops and you let yourself go in a harmonious union of peace and relaxation. It is in this generous place of quiet, light, water, nature and design that the path to peace of mind begins

News from the beginning of December 2022:

Finnish Sauna

Dry heat bath, the temperature reached inside is between 80 and 100 C. The function of this sauna is to increase the immune system, improve the cardiovascular system and reduce stress.

Biosauna with alpine herbs

In this type of sauna we have lower temperatures with humidity of even 50-70% due to the presence of steam. We use herbs which are coming directly from our territory.

Turkish Bath

The turkish bath is the best care for your body, to cleanse the skin, regulate blood pressure and prevent respiratory tract disorders. In addition, it has a wonderful invigorating and relaxing effect. The treatment takes place inside a cabin with suspended steam.

Relax Area

The relaxation area is the place where the beneficial effects of the treatment continue to act or simply a place of peace where you can deeply relax and rediscover your psychophysical energies. Lying on the loungers you can fully relax your body and mind.

Panoramic Whirlpool

This treatment was created to reactivate circulation and purify the skin thanks to the benefits of hot water and those of the massage. Particularly suitable for those suffering from swollen and heavy legs and to treat all pathologies affecting the skin, joints and circulatory systems. At the end of the session in the pool you will feel light and relaxed.

TEA Corner

Selections of aromatic teas and fresh source water.

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