Nature Detectiv Camp

Hungry as a bear? Let’s go hunting and gathering!

When your stomach is growling and hunger takes over, it is easy to find something to eat in your fridge or in the next supermarket. Why not go back to your roots and do as your ancestors did? Let’s go hunting and gathering!
This year, the popular Nature Detective Camp is all about hunting and gathering in the unspoilt nature of South Tyrol. Nature Detectives of all ages and sizes will learn how to find food in the wild – without spending a single euro. But do not worry, dear parents! Your little ones will not have to fight a bear or be tempted to eat a fly agaric. Specialised naturalists and experts from South Tyrol will guide them each step of the way. The safety of your children is guaranteed.
Dear children, do you know how to make a bow and arrow that will help you defeat a big mammoth? Do you know everything about the world of herbs and have no problem finding dandelions, stinging nettles and woodruff? What are your favourite berries and when do they grow? What is the best way to transport your treasures back home? With the help of your companions and friends of the Familienhotels Südtirol, you will build a bow and arrow, make a basket from branches, and learn a lot about mushrooms, berries, herbs, and the animals that live in the woods.

The Nature Detective Camp will be offered in all 25 Familienhotels Südtirol on various dates throughout the summer and can be booked as an inclusive special without any additional costs. All the children need are