Guided Tours

With the arrival of the warm season, our hotel becomes the ideal starting point for adventurous journeys of discovery in the Dolomites.

Every day we organise guided trips to the most beautiful and breathtaking corners of Val Gardena: Rudi and our entertainers will take you around the Dolomites, where children are encouraged to express their natural curiosity and imagination and to build a strong relationship with nature.

During the week, you can combine half-day excursions with trips that will get you back to the hotel in the afternoon. Those who are particularly energetic can take longer walks before arriving at their destination (usually a mountain refuge with a kids' play area), always accompanied by one of our entertainers.

Highlight for horse lovers: pony rides

Highlight for adventure enthusiasts: climbing with a mountain guide

Highlight for early risers: wildlife tour with Roman, a wildlife expert who will show you where to spot different animals in their natural habitat

Highlight for mountain lovers: farm tours where you can sample typical products.